Awesome: Pakistan to Charge bin Laden Family Members

Simply awesome:

A Pakistani court is set to charge five members of Osamabin Ladenís family with illegally entering and living in the country, their defense lawyer said Monday....

A Pakistani court will charge three of bin Ladenís widows and two of his daughters on April 2 when the hearing against them resumes, said their lawyer, Mohammad Amir. The court gave the five women copies of the case and evidence against them on Monday, he said.

You'd think knowing where the greatest mass murderer of the 21st Century was hiding would be the the real offense, but no: they're being charged with ... illegal immigration undocumented migrant status?

Somewhere some La Raza lawyer's heart beats a little faster thinking of the chance to protect the poor bin Laden family from this obvious violation of their human rights by the evil Pakistani government.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:12 PM


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