Expect This Care Under Obamacare

A woman called emergency services claiming she couldn't breath. The call was transferred to a nurse who, based only on the telephone exchange, determined that since the woman could speak, she could breath and, therefore, did not require an ambulance.

Jill Soderberg, 22, died in her home in the town of Timra, 241 miles (389km) north of Stockholm, on January 20, 2011, shortly after she had placed her third and last call to SOS Alarm emergency services requesting an ambulance, news website The Local reported Tuesday.

However, every time she rang, as per procedure, operators connected her to Vasternorrland County nurses who deemed that she was not sufficiently ill for an ambulance because she could still speak.

"I can't breathe," Soderberg, who was suffering chest pains, told operators, according to transcripts of the calls. "I want you to come and help me."

"The operator considered her to still be communicating verbally and decided that she didn't need an ambulance," Jill Soderberg's mother, Annika Soderberg, said.

The woman died from breathing problems caused by medications.

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