Democratic Congresswoman Wants To Arrest George Zimmerman "For His Own Safety"

Never mind it would be un-Constitutional to imprison a person without due process and that Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty. Never mind that arresting a person "for their own safety" is a human rights violation more often associated with tyrannical governments seeking to oppose political dissent. And never mind that those who are threatening Zimmerman's safety will walk free without consequences for their behavior.

From Breitbart:

At a Congressional forum on the Hill yesterday at which killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin’s parents were asked to testify, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) took center stage. She claimed first that Martin had been victimized by racial profiling and a “botched police investigation.” But she went even further: George Zimmerman, the shooter in the case, she said, should be arrested “immediately for his own safety.”

The facts in the Trayvon Martin case have yet to be revealed. What little is out suggests that, while Zimmerman made some very poor choices in confronting Martin, it was Martin who escalated the encounter to a physical attack.

Florida law does not justify a physical response to a verbal attack. So, no matter what Zimmerman said to Martin, however wrong, Martin had no right to then violently attack Zimmerman.

Florida law does justify a physical response - including deadly force, if necessary - to a physical attack. You can say, perhaps correctly, Zimmerman provoked Martin by confronting him. But that provocation did not give Martin the right to strike Zimmerman, and then pummel him once he fell.

If you want to argue that Martin was in fear of his life, fine. But let's have some evidence. As it stands, all evidence supports the account given by Zimmerman and witnesses.

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:40 AM


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