#Occupy Protester Suspected In Fatal Subway Fight

Police have identified an #Occupy protester as the man who pushed another off a subway platform on to the tracks.

Breitbart reports:

Police have identified a suspect in the fatal L train fight in Brooklyn as 33-year-old Ryan Beauchamp and have released surveillance video. A verbal and physical altercation on a subway platform lead to Joshua Basin, a college student from Queens being hit by an oncoming train over the weekend . Ryan Beauchamp, 33, is being sought by police in the altercation that caused 20-year-old Basin's death. Police identified Beauchamp, who is homeless, as a suspect through a previous arrest in connection with an Occupy Wall Street protest on Oct. 8, 2011,

How many murders does that make for #Occupy? I've lost count.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:30 PM


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