Al Qaeda Member Arrested in Spain for Internet Propaganda
UPDATE: Big Fish Online

It looks like we're finally getting things right:

The [Spanish] interior ministry said the man, who was identified only as M.H.A., was detained on suspicion of distributing videos which encouraged people to commit terrorist acts over the internet.

"His Internet activity revealed his membership of the terrorist organization and the dissemination of audiovisual products to induce, provoke and encourage terrorist acts," a statement said.

Hey Censored31 ... you're next.

UPDATE: Via Internet Haganah, Fox News has more details:

The suspect arrested in the eastern city of Valencia "administered one of the world's most important jihadist forums", dedicated to recruiting and indoctrinating Islamic terrorists, Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said....

"He was known within the organization as Al Qaeda's librarian," Fernandez Diaz said, without specifying what that term meant in this case.

Apparently, jihadist propaganda was his full time job as he worked at it "8 - 15 hours a day". I'm guessing as the details emerge that we'll find out that he wasn't actually on al Qaeda's payroll but was on welfare.

Which means that Spain was paying him to recruit for al Qaeda. Thank you European socialism!

Posted by: Rusty at 03:46 PM


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