CAIR Entering Trayvon Martin Case

It appears George Zimmerman's rampage against hoodies hasn't ended. He is now targeting hijabs.

IOL News via Gateway Pundit:

Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, said Alawadi’s death was a primary topic of conversation among speakers and attendees on Sunday evening at the organisation’s annual banquet in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn.

He and others compared her slaying to that of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed Florida teen shot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer and whose case has ignited racial tensions.

“Treyvon was black wearing a hoodie. Shaima was wearing a hijab,” Walid said. “It’s the same racist principle at play that killed both of these individuals.”

Wait... it's about head wear? I thought it was all about racism and blacks being under attack! (I still can't figure out how a black man was elected President in such a racist country....)

Reports coming out reveal Trayvon may have initiated the first physical contact in the Florida case. In Florida, verbal assaults or threats do not justify using a weapon (including fists). However, defending against a physical threat does.

I only hope Shaima got in a few good licks on her killer before he overwhelmed her.

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:31 AM


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