Al Jazeera, A Terrorist Go To?

france shooting_mug.jpg
Pre bullet in forehead perp...ed

Apparently, still the go to for some. This time a French, sploded now with brains gone and stuff, jihadi bastage. Merah sent it or? [French site leParsien..googlish]:

A copy of the videos shot by Mohamed Merah in course his killing was sent to the French headquarters of the Qatari Al-Jazeera. The letter received within the local television of the Montparnasse Tower, which contained a card with a letter, was presented Monday to the police that authenticated the video
Hmm, I wonder if the video was also sent to who's who of terrorist supporting websites?

Oh, btw, who's who of terrorist supporting websites have apparently been hit with a cyber attack

And no, it wasn't us...honest!

h/t Jihadology

Abdelkader Merah, Mohammad Merah's Brother Charged with Complicity for Terror Attacks on France
Islamist Responsible For France School Shootings, Suspect Named Mohammed Merah Surrounded, Shooter Claims Belongs to al Qaeda.
French Murderer for al-Qaeda Dead.
Toulouse Killer Had History Of Violence.
Mother Warned French Authorities About Mohammed Merah Two Years Ago!
Brother of French Terrorist "Proud" He Killed

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