Black Panthers Call For Lynching Of George Zimmerman

[Edit: A commenter alerted me that the image I had included may not have been Trayvon Martin. I acquired it from another blog, and it appears they have since removed the picture as well. I could not confirm the image from another source, so I opted to remove it. My sincere apologies if this caused any confusion. To replace the image, I am embedding a news report about a witness to the confrontation.]

The Black Panthers have issued "Wanted: Dead or Alive" posters for George Zimmerman, the shooter at the center of the controversial Florida neighborhood watch case.

Zimmerman claimed the shooting was in self-defense. Local investigators found no evidence to prove otherwise and, based on those findings, prosecutors declined to press charges.

The Family of the victim, understandably, is outraged. They received an outpouring of support from the community. But what's most disturbing is, in that support, there have been calls to execute the accused killer. No trial, no jury. Guilty without representation.

And the Obama Administration is silent. Well, not completely silent. President Obama took a moment to further incite emotions in this case by declaring the victim, Trayvon Martin, looked just like his own son would look if he had one.

Did you mean black, Mr. President Barrack "The Uniter" Obama? Instead of representing Americans as a whole, instead of defending the Constitution, instead of ensuring Zimmerman's rights are protected, the President of the United States has taken sides, based only on skin color.

For the record, I think the case needs to be further investigated. As a victim of a horrible circumstance, Martin deserves that much. But I also think Zimmerman, as a citizen of the United States, deserves a fair, impartial hearing. If evidence warrants, he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But lacking the evidence, Zimmerman should be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

It is frightening that, in America and in this day, some groups can so publicly call for the lynching of a citizen who has not been afforded his Constitutional rights, and the President does nothing.

If any harm comes to Zimmerman, especially before he receives a fair trial, his blood is on your hands, Obama. Of course, I doubt you'd care much.

Posted by: DMartyr at 07:03 AM


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