Inside the Octopus: Unraveling Iran's terrorist Quds Force

If you haven't been following this on Aaron's forum, you should be:

MUST.READ: Unraveling Iran's Quds Force

Jives with what I've seen looking at various IRGC-linked social networks.

Teaser from Israel Hayom link:
Headquartered in the same building that was once home to the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, the elite "Jerusalem Force" is Iran's global "long arm" • The force includes an intelligence, finance, political, sabotage and special operations branches • It fields some 3,000 agents, many of whom traverse the globe under the guise of construction workers • Israel Hayom takes an extraordinary look at the inner workings of Iran’s international terrorist arm[...]

Disguised as U.S. Troops:
Yes, it is a must read.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:29 AM


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