Islamist Murders Jews; Media Rushes To Defend Islamism

Breitbart hit the nail on the head:

Left-wingers quickly jumped on the attacks to proclaim that it was white right-wingers at work. The anti-Israel, left-wing UK newspaper The Guardian quickly announced that “the shooting has already sent tremors through France's presidential election. The first to say what was on everyone's mind was not the Socialist challenger François Hollande but the centrist François Bayrou. He said the killings were the product of a sick society, with politicians who pointed the finger and inflamed passions.”

Of course, that was when the left thought it was a right-wing extremist who had committed the murders. The media and the leftists in the West would never deliberately use such inflammatory rhetoric to describe Islamic murders.

Can you imagine the outrage if Francois Hollande had been describing Islamism as "the product of a sick society"?

Breitbart goes on:

For those who live in the real world, this news is anything but surprising. Islamist radicals, including members of al-Qaeda, have routinely attacked Jews all over the world, from the Chabad of Mumbai to the attempted killings of Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia to the murder of Jews at the El-Al counter of the Los Angeles International Airport.

Yet the media wouldn’t draw that conclusion. Instead, they went into full-on Islam whitewashing, citing the usual liberal bromide that poverty causes Islamists to murder Jews. The Telegraph’s Ed West wrote: “Islam is not to blame for the Toulouse killings … It is not religion that turns some young Muslim men in the West violent, but the sense of alienation and frustration that inevitably comes from being a second-generation immigrant.”

Read it all.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:19 PM


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