Worst President Ever Number of the Week: $50 Billion
UPDATE: Most Unpatriotic President Ever?

Between March 13th -- the last time I posted on this -- and the close of the business day on March 19th the Obama Administration has added exactly $50,060,518,615.20 to the national debt.

You read that right. I actually had to calculate that three times because I couldn't believe the numbers, so I opened up Excel and just copied and pasted the total public debt on March 19th and then subtracted the total public debt on March 13th. Those are Treasury Department figures.

In the past week -- that's seven days -- the Obama Administration has added over 50 billion dollars to the national debt! That's BILLION with a B.

And yet he's trying to convince people that a mere $3 billion a year would help alleviate the debt?

On average Obama has added $2 billion to the debt every day. He deficit spends $3 billion every 1.5 days!

People, we've got to end all the other distractions. Obama and the media will try -- in fact, is trying and succeeding! -- to do anything and everything to draw the nation's attention away from the stark reality that is the mess Obama has made out of our national finances.

It's intentional. And we simply cannot play the game.

The next time any one in the media asks any Republican politician about the "war on women" the answer should be $50 billion: the amount of money women were asked to borrow from their children so President Obama could buy votes from those dependent on government.

Why does President Obama hate women and children so much?

UPDATE: If Bush's deficit spending was unpatriotic, what do we call the guy who's taken that figured and nearly doubled it in half as much time?

Number of the hour: $4,629,900,685,123.40 is the amount of money to the penny that Obama has added to the national debt since the day he took office (March 4, 2009) -- just over 3 years ago.

It took Bush two recessions, 9/11, two wars, two massive new entitlement programs, and eight years to do the same damage.

Unpatriotic: I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Thanks to SH for the reminder.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:31 PM


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