Enough of the Phony Outrage and the Phony War on Women

People, I can't take it anymore. All this phony outrage about what can or cannot be said about women.

If you want to make a point about the double standard applied to conservative women vs. liberal women that's fine. There is a point to be made there. There is a double standard. Keep pointing that out.

But I'm beginning to think that some people really want an apology from every one about every stupid little thing they've ever said about a woman. These modern day Victorians seem to believe that women need special protection from the slings and arrows of .... words?

Our ancestors treated women as second class citizens because they believed women were not as capable as men. They were thought of as something like a child. Their place was at home where they could be shielded from the harsh reality of the "man's world".

You people complaining about the war on women? It's you that believe women are incapable of defending themselves. It's you who believe that women have ears more sensitive than that of a man's. It's you who believe women are less capable than men.

You talk about women's empowerment, all the while treating them like little children. Either women can be criticized like men because they are equal, or they deserve special protection because they are less than equal.

I know, they have sophisticated arguments why women are both equal but also deserve special protection. Similar arguments were made in a book I once read: some animals are more equal than others.

That's been hard to swallow over the last week or two. But now I have to listen to people on our side of the debate complaining about ... the same damn thing?

I'm actually sympathetic to Bristol Palin's call for an apology from Obama, but not for the reasons she laid out. The reason Bristol Palin should have been off limits from the likes of Bill Maher has nothing to do with her sex.

Bristol Palin was a minor when she was skewered by the Left. We treat minors like children, incapable of fully defending themselves, because by definition they are children! People who say crass things about the minor children of politicians should be fired, boycotted, and occasionally punched in the mouth.

But all the rest? I just can't take it anymore. This silly your side is less classy then our side garbage where you go out and find comments on this or that website as proof that the other side is so much worse than our side.

It's like the entire media universe has been turned into the echo chamber that is the comments section of Little Green Footballs.

Look, people are assh*les. They say some really sh*tty things. They say these things about men and .... gasp! horror! ... women. Sometimes when they say these things they use words which some find offensive. Sometimes they say these words joking around. Sometimes the jokes are funny, sometimes they aren't.

I personally think these kinds of jokes are funny when the person telling them is the actual brunt of the joke. Playing the rube for a laugh. The sexist joke where the point isn't the joke itself but to make the person telling the joke look like a jerk.

And a racist joke every now and again can be .... funny. It all depends on the context. Is the point of the joke to demean the race? That's bad, but if the point is to make fun of the culture (as I think DeNero was going for) or make the guy telling the joke look like an idiot then even racist jokes can be good.

Which is in my mind what makes Stephen Colbert -- who plays the idiotic talking head to a tee -- funny, but Bill Maher and Jon Stewart -- who's humor consists solely of isn't every one but me stupid? -- not so much.

The point is that I don't want Rush Limbaugh to get fired for some stupid joke he made about a women, but neither do I want Bill Maher to get fired. At least, not for jokes about women. I'd like to see Maher fired for not being funny. Or insightful.

Women don't need our special protection. They're full capable human beings.

So, somebody call me when this whole stupid affair is over. I'll be the one not listening to talk radio, avoiding some of my favorite blogs, and skipping all the cable news networks. Because if I have to listen to one more sound bite where a politician uses the word "whore" again, I might just blow my brains out.

Also, I'm banning myself for being a misogynist for using the word "whore".

Posted by: Rusty at 02:41 PM


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