Mob Of 20 Muslims Attack Man, Then Demand Revenge When Victim Fights Back

A mob of 20 angry Muslim men attacks two innocent bystanders. One of the victims, who suffered multiple skull fractures in the senseless, unprovoked beating, stabs a Muslim attacker to death. Prosecutors decline to charge the man because he clearly acted in self-defense.

But now the Muslim community is even more angry. They wanted the beating victim charged with murder. Since there were no charges, they want revenge.

Translated from Der Tagesspiegel via Jihad Watch:

After the fatal knife attack on an 18-year-old adolescent in Neukölln, there is talk of retaliation. Police officers visit families in the neighborhood and meeting places to talk about the release of the alleged offender.

It is an explosive mixture. Grief and anger determine the atmosphere in the neighborhood around the so-called "White Settlement" (Muslim ghetto) in Neukölln. In the new neighborhood, young people are using the word 'revenge' when talking about the fatal knife attack on 18-year-old Yusef El-A. 'I can guarantee one hundred percent that this will have a sequel. This is a separate universe with its own laws,' says Burak K. as he describes the tense situation.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:51 AM


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