Astroturfing Gun Policy

Don't miss Bob Owens' post at Pajamas Media on the Fast and Furious, Mexico and the Astroturfing of gun policy.

Fast and Furious was dependent on ATF officials bullying Arizona gun dealers into going along with the straw purchases of thousands of firearms. If they did not comply, they knew they faced the possibility of having their federal firearms licenses yanked and their livelihoods destroyed. At the point of purchase, the firearms obtained by straw purchasers were documented on a ATF Form 4473, a form used for logging purposes and for background checks. Section D of the document records the manufacturer or importer, model number, serial number, type, and caliber or gauge of each weapon purchased. The ATF then harvested this data, and logged it in a watch list.

From there, all they did was wait.

...They waited until someone died.

And once someone was dead then they had the had correct narrative to move forward.
The 90-percent lie repeated by every major cabinet official tied to a department involved in the plot and the president himself is the obvious link. President Obama, who promised Sarah Brady that he was working on gun control “under the radar,” used the 90-percent lie as an attempt to justify gun control. Attorney General Eric Holder, who became news again over the weekend for a 1995 campaign to demonize guns and gun-owners and who tried to use the terror attacks of 9/11 to justify gun control, pushed to reinstate the so-called “assault weapons” ban.

What excuse did Holder use to argue for reinstating the law? Guess.

Astroturf, the one trick pony of the Obama Administration.

Posted by: Howie at 02:53 PM


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