Fatwa Worthy: Mad Mullah Sponsored Cartoon Contest!

The Mad Mullahs are sponsoring a contest for best cartoon that depicts their anti-Semitic Global March to Jerusalem[Read it all]:

Iranian Involvement in the Marches to Israel's Borders Planned for March 30, 2012[...]

.....6) An Iranian website connected, in our assessment, to the Iranian regime, initiated a cartoon contest in support of the marches. The cartoons are supposed to deal with the theme of the so-called "right of return" of the Palestinian refugees and with opposition to the so-called "occupation" of Jerusalem. Each of the three winning entries will receive a prize of $1000 and a trophy. Entries are to be sent to the Irancartoon.com website[Send entries to: Info@irancartoon.com ...ed], the same site which on August 14, 2006, a few months before the Holocaust denial convention was held in Tehran, announced a contest for anti-Semitic, Holocaust denying cartoons. Two of the winning entries in 2006 were the following:

Now's the time for you Jawas to show your stuff!!

Fatwas are waiting to be had!

More on the march at gm2j.co and at Aaron's forum

Posted by: Stable Hand at 12:26 PM


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