Sharia4Australia Founder Busted for Child Porn & Threats

Via Creeping Sharia comes this:

IBRAHIM Siddiq-Conlon, a Muslim convert who has argued for the imposition of sharia law in Australia, has been charged with making a hoax terrorist threat after he allegedly threatened to “wear some TNT” to Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.


Mr Siddiq-Conlon, who is behind the controversial organisation Sharia4Australia, has also been charged with child pornography offences after police allegedly found a number of illegal images on his home computer.

The western Sydney man yesterday declined to say if he was guilty of the pornography charges, which he admitted would attract “some minor punishment” under sharia law if he were found guilty.

“It might be a lashing, it might be jail, it might be a fine,” Mr Siddiq-Conlon said.


Yeah well Mr. Siddiq-Conlon remember that during your orientation at Aussie Federal Pound You in the Ass Prison. Its not that big a deal, just pick a spot on the wall and let it happen.

Posted by: Howie at 12:25 PM


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