Attack Against Italian Synagogue Thwarted (bumped updated)

There are two people held in connection with a plot to bomb a synagogue in Milan:

Italian police say they have arrested a Moroccan man on suspicion of plotting an attack against a Milan synagogue.


The LaPresse news agency says the 20-year-old was arrested Thursday morning in the Sardinian city of Cagliari.

Authorities also confiscated a computer they say contains plans for the attack, including details of the synagogue's security detail and potential access points.

The second person held was in the UK
LONDON (AP) -- British police say they've arrested a 40-year-old London woman possibly linked to an alleged plot against a Milan synagogue.

Scotland Yard said the woman was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning on suspicion of collecting information useful to terrorism.

The common denominator, the internet. In this case Facebook
Anti-terrorism investigators identified the suspect - who has lived in Italy from age 6 - from Internet traffic including a Facebook page on how to assemble explosives.
Its worth noting that recently the Online Jihadi community has been passing around a document on explosives. Specifically a .pdf called The Explosives Course by Abu Khabbab al Misri. The document was translated to English by the online group called the Global Islamic Media Front(GIMF) with specializes in translating and distributing al-Qaeda propaganda online.

Update: The suspect arrested in Italy has been identified as one Mohamed Jarmoune.

Police said Jarmoune had lived in Italy since he was six years old but he had 'come across their radar' as part of another investigation and when they began investigating his background discovered he had been looking at several Islamic extremist websites.

...He had detailed security measures for the synagogue and a pencil diagram appeared to show a series of four gas canisters connected to a battery, which was also linked to a mobile telephone, while other images showed the preparation of explosives.

Anti terror officers in Brescia also said that they had intercepted messages on various Islamic extremist websites and discussion boards, from Jarmoune in which he spoke of carrying out a 'jihad mission'.

Read more:

Also found is his apartment besides the usual Islamic stuff was a bunch of Nazi stuff including flags and uniforms.

Makes me wonder if he too had a thing for Mashoom's Mustache?

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