POLLAK: Firing at Breitbart when he can’t fire back

Via WashingtonTimes

Andrew Breitbart would not have been surprised by the out- pouring of liberal hate after his death. He would have reveled in it, relished it, retweeted it. He enjoyed watching the left unmask itself, revealing pretensions at “civility” to be nothing more than bullying. He would have laughed to see Rolling Stone quietly pulling its ads off the page where Matt Taibbi - a drug-abusing misogynist, Andrew would have noted - had done his worst.

Nor would Andrew have been surprised at the outpouring of admiration from those on the left who truly understood him. Donna Brazile, for one,declared: “Andrew Breitbart was a conservative political combatant who was unafraid of his critics. We battled on and off air, but he was a genius.” More than a few Democrats know that unlike many in politics today - on both sides - Andrew stood for more voices, more debate, not less.

Andrew also cared - deeply - about truth. And he would have been disappointed - though not surprised - to see some of the most untruthful things about his life being said by those who call themselves fellow conservatives, those sophists who exploited Andrew’s death in the ceaseless effort to portray themselves as the urbane alternative to the great unwashed Tea Party masses in the dark interior of the Republican Party.

I can't do Mr Pollak's article justice with a few excerpts, so please be sure to put this on your must read today list.

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:14 AM


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