Photo: "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie"...

This photo is one of two from the Marines Facebook photo of the month competition:

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

You voted, and this week's Top Corps Shot comes from Cpl. Reece Lodder. Lodder shot this photo following a squad patrol to clear houses of insurgent activity as part of Operation Tageer Shamal in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. After five hours, the squad stopped to rest in an abandoned compound. All of the Marines and Afghan soldiers were exhausted, as were the IED detection dogs, so this trio decided to catch a quick nap. Even though he was tired, Lodder grabbed his camera and captured the moment. “I liked that the Redskins blanket was in the photo because it was an unusual slice of reality back home in the midst of a long operation and a drab desert. I think our fans like this photo because it’s an unusual, interesting image that visually, physically and emotionally gets to the core of what the Marines and the dog were feeling at this moment in time. It helps them feel, even if only in a small way, what we felt.”


Lance Cpls. Matthew Scofield (left), 19, from Syracuse, N.Y., and Jarrett Hatley, 21, from Millingport, N.C., a squad automatic weapon gunner and an improvised explosive device detection dog handler with 3rd Platoon, Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, rest next to Hatley's dog Blue after clearing compounds with Afghan National Army soldiers during Operation Tageer Shamal (Shifting Winds) here, Jan. 4. Over the past five years, coalition forces have operated with Afghan National Security Forces to defeat the insurgency in the central Helmand River valley. Driven from the green zones, or populated areas, of districts in southern Helmand, enemy fighters have sought refuge in bed-down locations west of the Helmand River. This area on the outskirts of Garmsir district has been, until now, nearly untouched by the partnered forces and the Afghan government. During the operation, Jan. 4-8, Afghan forces and Marines with 3/3 cleared the area of insurgent activity, weapons and improvised explosive device-making materials, and held shuras to address the concerns of local elders.
(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Reece Lodder)

God Bless our finest and bravest!

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