Journalist Working for Iran Linked to Israeli Assassination Plot

Color me shocked -- SHOCKED -- that a journalist working for Iran's official propaganda outlet is tied to the plot to kill Israeli diplomats:

Syed Mohammad Ahmed Kazmi the Delhi-based freelance journalist who worked for Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) and also as a contractual news reader with Doordarshan’s Urdu News has been found to be involved in the conspiracy that was hatched to attack the Israeli woman diplomat in New Delhi.

His role was revealed after the Thailand Police searched the room rented by one Iranian woman Rohani Leila in Bangkok after the failed attack that had coincided with the attack on Tal Yehoshua-Koren on Aurangzeb Road on February 13.

Investigators had found Kazmi’s phone number from the house. Call records proved that Kazmi was in regular touch with the module that threw a bomb at the car of Israeli Embassy. Leila was part of the module that had tried to attack Israeli diplomats in Bangkok. Leila had fled Bangkok on February 5. Investigators say Kazmi was the main facilitator of the attack as he provided logistics to the bomber and helped in surveying the target in the Indian Capital.

More here.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:14 PM


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