Muslim Journalist: Mosques Not Off Limits to Investigate

Meet Asra Nomani. She's a Muslim journalist who learned about radical Islamism the hard way. She was working with Daniel Pearl when he was kidnapped and then brutally murdered by al Qaeda. She's the coordinator of the Pearl Project at Georgetown University.

Now she's speaking out against CAIR's campaign to label all investigations of Muslim groups, mosques, and organizations as "Islamophobia":

“We're saying that you can't go into our mosques, you can't look at our Muslim organizations, you can't even look at Muslims because that's to target us," she told Fox News during an interview in suburban Washington. "But the truth is, we do have a problem in our Muslim community.” ....

“I think that there is a movement in America right now to claim this concept of Islamophobia, to say that people are hating on Islam," she said. "Let's be honest, there are people that do hate on Islam. But I think that (Police Commissioner) Ray Kelly and the New York Police Department have been targeted in this larger campaign to try to show that people are picking on Muslims.”...

She goes on to say how in Muslim countries, like Pakistan, mosques and religious organizations aren't consider off-limits for police investigations. Why should they be here?

She's making the point that I've been hammering on for the last year: there is a concerted effort by CAIR to claim that the reason so many Muslims have been arrested for terror related crimes is that they are victims of an Islamophobic system.

The MSM, of course, plays right along. They love a good story about the man victimizing yet another minority group.

These are the same people that don't get why critical race theory is controversial.

UPDATE: Oops, it looks like SH was posting this as I was typing. Sorry SH. So, I'm putting most of my post below the fold.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:11 AM


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