Death Penalty for Mass Murdering Soldier

Our guy in Afghanistan who murdered more than a dozen? I think he should get the death penalty.

Quickly. Publicly.

I'm not sure where we are in Afghanistan at the moment. I don't know if there still is a chance of pulling anything like a victory out of the hat.

But my gut tells me that this evil fool's actions just killed any last vestige of hope.

Let's face it, there are enough Afghanis who are just ignorant enough not to be able to differentiate between mass murders by the Taliban -- which are rewarded and celebrated -- and this man's mass murder, condemned by all.

If there is some remaining hope -- and I see less and less of it every day -- then this guy needs to be not only publicly condemned, but publicly executed. After a fair and speedy trial, of course.

If he is to receive the normal US style "fair trial" -- even under the UCMJ -- consisting of a year or more before an actual trial, and then several years of appeals, then I'm afraid that that's all she wrote. By the time justice is served this thing will have been long lost.

The liberal narrative is already beginning, the defense's case helped by six years of propaganda about military vets.

It wasn't his fault. He was injured in Iraq. A brain injury. He couldn't help it. It was Bush's fault!

So please powers that be, give this guy the kind of justice we all long for. Swift, and true. If not because it's the right thing to do, because it's the expedient thing to do.

If you don't, then it's time to pack up and come home.

That man may not have just murdered a score of innocent Afghans. He also may have murdered our chances of victory in the country that harbored those behind the 9/11 atrocities.

Posted by: Rusty at 06:58 PM


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