The Fake "Libyan Rebels Raped British Journalist to Death" Video

I'm calling shenanigans on this video purportedly of rebels in Benghazi, Libya, raping a French journalist who was working for the UK's Guardian -- to death.

Trust me, you don't want to watch this. I'm only doing this post because Howie and some of the others here were pretty upset when they heard about it.

However, there's no indication that it's real. None at all.

The video may be of a woman being raped -- it is horrible, do not watch! -- but there's nothing to indicate that these are "Benghazi rebels" as it claims.

I did some research into the video's origins. It seems to have first appeared here, at a pro-Ghaddafi website on Feb. 7th. The video was embedded on Vimeo, but has since been removed.

Several other websites and twitter accounts link the video, but none sooner than the Feb. 7th date of the pro-Ghaddafi website. Most of those linking the video are from people with a bone to pick with NATO -- namely Serbs and pro-Syrian government sympathizers.

From there it migrated to, which specializes in disgusting snuff videos. The video was uploaded twice in two days. Oddly, the older of the two uploads to TheYNC had commentary about how evil NATO was, etc., etc. The next day an "uncensored" version was uploaded with no commentary, suggesting that the two videos had a common source -- probably the Vimeo version which has since been taken down.

Which means that the original video was probably uploaded by pro-Ghaddafi forces out to score points in the propaganda war.

It is a common tactic to take old shocking footage, relabel it as new shocking footage, and then spin it in such a way as to get the sympathetic audience outraged. For instance, remember the two American servicemen who were shot in Germany last year after one radical Islamist watched a scene from a Brian De Palma movie which was making rounds on the internet as "proof" American soldiers were raping Iraqi women?

This kind of BS happens all the time.

As disgusting as the video is, I just don't see any evidence at all that it came from Libya. It, like many other pieces of propaganda, simply cannot be verified and is likely the product of a sick mind combined with an agenda that includes keeping the West from meddling in Syria.

There may be many reasons why we should not have supported the anti-Ghaddafi forces in their uprising last year. There may be many reasons why we should not support those rising up against Assad in Syria. But trying to paint one side as barbarians and the other side as doing the Lord's own work just doesn't apply when it comes to any conflict in the Middle East. Both sides are full of the kind of men capable of doing what was done on this video.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:44 PM


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