Good News: Facebook Putting Soldier's Lives at Risk

I usually don't comment on what I think is mostly hype about the new big brother overlords of the interwebz. But this? I think this might be more than hype:

Soldiers' lives are being put at risk by geotagged photos - marked with a location - on social media sites like Facebook, the US Army has warned.

It says Facebook's new Timeline feature, which creates a map of places geotagged by users, also poses a risk to soldiers and their families

Many smartphones automatically geotag photos with GPS co-ordinates.

In 2007 four US Army helicopters were destroyed in Iraq after geotagged photos were posted on the internet.

By posting photos on Facebook or checking-in on social media sites like Foursquare or Gowalla, soldiers may reveal the exact location of their unit or their family, the US Army said in a statement. The release follows an army warning last year that geotag data in photos could tip off criminals.

So, if you're in the military, do us all a favor and turn off all geolocation on your iPhone. Your life could depend on it.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:49 PM


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