The Propaganda War Against the NYPD

This story by the AP uses a lot of scary words to describe the 'secretive' effort by the NYPD to 'monitor' Muslims.

Despite the allegedly nefarious plot to suppress the civil rights of Muslim Americans, there isn't a single allegation in the report that any Muslims had their civil rights violated.

In fact, the report lists two NYPD documents as the source of the alleged secret plot against Muslims. Both documents are nothing more than demographic in nature. Here is where Syrian born Muslims live and congregate, here is where Egyptians congregate.

The worst allegation is that the NYPD sent in people to see what was on TV. So, if I understand this correctly, the extent of the NYPD's "monitoring of Muslims" was confined to .... eating falafal and noting which places kept al Jazeera on?

The accusations made by the AP are nothing more than a regurgitation of a meme being pushed by the terror supporters in CAIR and their left wing allies. That narrative is that the reason so many Muslims have been arrested, indicted, and convicted in homegrown terror plots is that they are receiving unwarranted scrutiny by law enforcement.

That these terrorists are the victims, not the criminals.

Which meshes well with the Leftist worldview that criminals are simply societal victims, and that minority criminals are merely victims of the racist powers that be.

And so, Muslim criminals are really the victims of bigotry. Both CAIR and the Left can agree on that.

It's a meme CAIR has been pushing for some time now. And once you accept that notion that homegrown terrorists are victims, then it becomes a fairly straightforward process in collecting "evidence" that this world view is correct.

Hence, when it was revealed a few weeks ago that the NYPD had surfed the websites of various Muslim groups, the headline was that they were "monitoring the activities of Muslims".

Never mind that the Muslim Student Association -- one of the groups who's websites were surfed ("monitored" if you're paranoid) -- is in fact a hotbed of antisemitism and pro-terrorism support. If one was looking for homegrown terrorists, the MSA might actually be a good place to start.

Sure, most members of campus MSAs are clueless about the organizations foundational ties to radical Islam. But that's besides the point: most members of the KKK aren't terrorists, but if one wants to keep an eye out for right-wing extremists (and they really do exist!) one could do worse than hanging out at a Klan rally.

There is precisely zero evidence that the NYPD's intelligence gathering efforts have led to the trampling of any one's civil rights. None.

I heard yesterday that the NYPD's monitoring efforts have led to a breach in trust with the so-called "Muslim community". Besides the fact that there is no such thing as a "Muslim community" -- there are only Muslim communities -- I cannot help but think that these accusations came from people who already didn't trust law enforcement.

The NYPD's actions didn't cause the breach of trust, only that their actions are viewed by the paranoid as justifying a pre-existing lack of trust. Namely, that those accusations came from the terror supporters in CAIR, the ISNA, and the ICNA. The groups that claim to speak for the so-called "Muslim community" but which really speak only for those who claim Hamas isn't really a terrorist organization, that intentionally killing some (read -- > Jews ) civilians is justified, and that "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".

If CAIR and their ilk really wanted to build more trust between law enforcement and the various Muslim communities in the US, then they would be doing more to convince Muslims that the FBI and police are really there to help. That terrorists do not and cannot distinguish between kafir civilians and Muslim civilians. And that the vast majority of the victims of terrorism around the world are Muslims.

Instead they focus on minor non-issues like this. Because, frankly, they have nothing else to support their paranoid world view.

Muslims in America should be thanking the NYPD for its efforts in trying to protect them, not condemning these same efforts.

Posted by: Rusty at 12:06 PM


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