Obama admin scrubs End Use Monitoring Agreement from Yemen embassy website?

Speaking of inventorying the Yemeni military, in June 2008, the US and Yemen signed an end use monitoring agreement on military hardware which the US embassy said, will allow for the verification of articles and services provided to Yemen under U.S.-sponsored military and security assistance, thus preventing the misuse or illicit transfer of these items and services.

So who's going to take the fall for the failure to monitor millions in US CT aid to Yemen? Or for their use against civilians, including the 2011 youth protesters and thousands in the South and Saada before the protests began, over the last four years? President Saleh's immunity deal doesn't extend to US officials.

Hey, lets just change the website and pretend it didn't happen!

Seriously, though, this is the link to the announcement that was available in June 2008 on the US Embassy's website, http://yemen.usembassy.gov/euma.html. Unfortunately the link is dead.

Being the optimistic, patriotic person I am, I searched the US embassy's website assuming it was just re-indexed but no, there is no reference to the 2008 End Use Monitoring Agreement on the site anymore. I searched by date and keywords. There's lots of old stuff including the Financial Systems Assessment Team (FSAT) report from 2007.

I would love to stand corrected on this; somebody show me where it is on the site and that the US is not doing stupid crap like deleting the notice (like they often revise the White House website when something gets uncomfortable.)

But much more importantly, back to my original question, who in the USG was responsible for end use monitoring for the last four years anyway, or more correctly who was derelict or knowingly passive, the only two options, as millions in US tax payer money was used against Saleh's political enemies (and thousands of civilians) as Al Qaeda got stronger?

Saleh's diversion of US granted aid and US trained counter-terror units was well known and openly discussed, as demonstrated by Wikileaks. More importantly, a Congressional fact finding survey entitled FOLLOWING THE MONEY IN YEMEN AND LEBANON: MAXIMIZING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF U.S. SECURITY ASSISTANCE AND INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTION LENDING COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN RELATIONS UNITED STATES SENATE dated Jan 5, 2010 clearly documents diversion of US military aid. There was either collusion or cluelessness in the US Embassy and State Department.

The Foreign Relations Committee's report expresses uncertainty that US Embassy personnel fully understood what the end use agreement required, and that diversion was prohibited.

This is a link to the 2011 US Congressional Service report on US mil aid to Yemen and a small part of the overall report:

1206 Defense Department Assistance
In recent years, the Defense Departmentís 1206 train and equip fund has become the major source of overt U.S. military aid to Yemen. Section 1206 Authority is a Department of Defense account designed to provide equipment, supplies, or training to foreign national military forces engaged in counter terrorist operations. Between FY2006 and FY2007, Yemen received approximately $30.3million in 1206 funding. In the last two fiscal years, it has received $221.8 million. As of mid-FY2010, Yemen is the largest global 1206 recipient, receiving $252.6 million. Pakistan is the second-largest recipient with $203.4 million.
This is only one section of total US military aid to Yemen. And as part of the transitional government's military restructuring, they are going to take an inventory. I hope the Foreign Relations Committee issues a follow on report.

Posted by: JaneNovak at 11:58 AM


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