bin-Laden's Wife Claims He Had Kidney Transplant in Pakistan

That should be something the US knows for sure.

Shaukat Qadir, 62, a former infantry commander, spent thousands of dollars of his own money and eight months of investigation putting together his report because he was suspicious of official explanations of bin Laden's life and death, the Times reports. Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan on May 2, 2011, by U.S. forces.

Among Qadir's claims:

Bin Laden's fifth wife, Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, told Pakistani interrogators that her husband underwent a kidney transplant in 2002, a claim that raises questions about who was helping him.

Another bin Laden wife told interrogators that her husband shaved his beard and disguised himself as a Pashtun tribal elder as he traveled between safe houses before settling in a house in Abottabad, Pakistan, in 2005.

Al-Qaeda operatives betrayed bin Laden for reward money from the United States. "They wanted bin Laden gone, and they wanted a share of the $25 million," Qadir says.

Of course the idea that bin-Laden was able to get a kidney in Pakistan undetected is almost like totally shocking.

Pakistan in a statement denied all this and instead claimed bin-Laden's kidney was stolen by.....

Posted by: Howie at 11:22 AM


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