The Price for the US Helping in Syria

I follow Trump, I mean I follow a lot of people.... But one point I think he makes very well about Obama is that he is a poor negotiator. Given that negotiation with Arabs is impossible (see Ross Perot) that's not all his bad. I mean its hard to negotiate with someone who is not only duplicitous but what would the word be if your opponent actually has 8 versions of things.... Not just two.

Anyway intervention in Syria can only go badly. Really. Its a no win.

But if the Syrians are asking and yes they are.....


And yes that's a threat... What would thousands of bin-Ladens on Israel's border do with their spare time?

If they are asking us to free them from Iran and Assad's tyranny, there will have to be a price. A big price.

My minimum would be a 100 year security guarantee for Israel. That the new government of Syria would guarantee that it would not attack Israel for 100 years minimum. And that any Muslim in that nation of any sect would abide by that. No supporting or hiding terrorists. No Hizballah, no Hamas, No Al-Qaeda or Ansar al-Islam, nada squat nothing.

And that Syria, like Jordan, would become a force for stability and prosperity for all its neighbors including Lebanon and Israel.

And actually this is also Islamic, Sharia compliant even. Of course after 100 years..... you know.

If you doubt either that the rebels would agree or that they could deliver the answer has to be no.

If the rebels want to stop dying, well that's the price. But I doubt they would accept it. Remember what the #1 thing Muslims or at least the debatable Jihadi portion of them, love the most. Death.

Sucks, but its true....

Posted by: Howie at 07:32 PM


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