Why Emperor Palpatine And Darth Vader Were Destined to Fail

Ha, I didn't see this last month when it came out, but it's destined to be an instant classic: Five leadership mistakes of the Galactic Empire. Here's a taste:

Mistake #1: Building an organization around particular people, rather than institutions.....

As the events of the movie make clear, the deaths of the Emperor and Darth Vader pretty much eliminated any opportunity for succession. A galaxy-wide organization was defeated simply by taking out two key individuals. Despite his decades of scheming, Palpatine’s organization barely lasted a day after he was gone.

Indeed, it seems that many in the Democratic party assumed that al Qaeda was run pretty much along these lines. Eliminate bin Laden, and it's game over, right?


Unfortunately, even bin Laden was smarter than Emperor Palpatine. His organization keeps ticking despite his untimely death.

In fact, bin Laden was more like Obi Wan Kenobi: we struck him down and he became more powerful than we could possibly imagine.

Thanks to John.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:03 PM


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