Obama Win: Libya Breaks Into Two Countries

There were no tears shed here when that murdering bastard of American innocents was dragged from the back of that truck and shot in the head with a .45. Good f*cking riddance.

Yet, still, this is what we get when we intervene in a civil war: it's not going to end well, either way.

The easterners, who have declared autonomy, are saying that it's just like the federalism of the US and Germany. No worries. Except:

The Easterners have already formed their own army, the Barqa Supreme Military Council, which is independent from the NTC. The army is made up from revolutionaries who fought against Gaddafi rule last year. And now the forces are ready to fight for autonomy, Barqa commander Col. Hamid Al-Hassi says.

“Even if we had to take over the oil fields by deploying our forces there or risk another war, we will not hesitate for the sake of Barqa,” Hassi told the Associated Press.

Yeah, this is going to turn out well.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:46 PM


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