Never Underestimate The Seething Hatred From The Left

I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell.
~Andrew Breitbart Channeling Harry S Truman
Some Daily Kos members are calling on Westboro Baptist to protest Andrew Breitbart's funeral.

Of course, the left is filled with useful idiots who hypocritically and arbitrarily apply their ever-shifting standard of morality, especial toward those they hate. The right has seen its fair share as well. But the difference is, the right doesn't take pride in those frothing miscreants misrepresenting the values we all should cherish.

We, on the right, walk a very fine line in defending unpopular, sometimes repulsive speech, even if we completely disagree. Sometimes we mock with it, though our sense of humor may be darker than many like. Sometimes, we exercise our own less-than-tasteful speech, just to prove we still have that right. And sometimes, we do it just to force others to turn the light of interrogation on themselves.

We, on the right, are not perfect. We sometimes may disagree with opposing yet free speech. We may mock it. We may deride it. But we never deliberately try to censor it because we disagree.

However, on the left, defending free speech only means agreeing with it. Because any other speech is squelched and the death of a dissenting voice is cheered.

Fortunately, the defense and free exercise of truth, never dies with the warrior protecting it. It is strengthened with each new voice, it appreciates in value with every drop of blood spilled for it, and then it is carried on by others.

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:55 AM


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