#Occupy Protesters Charged With Felony Robbery & Hate Crimes

Just like the Tea Party, eh?

They even stole her Barack Obama pin!

The confrontation happened about 6 p.m. Feb. 22 in the 4000 block of Piedmont Avenue. Police said that some Occupy Oakland protesters were demonstrating against a Wells Fargo bank branch there when a woman across the street expressed her opinion about the Occupy movement and the way it's being handled, Wingate said.

Wingate said a handful of protesters quickly surrounded the 42-year-old woman and prevented from leaving the area. Her wallet was taken from her purse, and protesters yanked a Barack Obama pin from her clothing, police said.

Wingate said she was also verbally abused, including making derogatory remarks about her perceived sexuality. A protester punched the woman and she was bruised and scratched in the altercation.

Hora charged the three with a felony robbery and a felony hate crime because the woman was injured in addition to being verbally insulted.

These protesters are nothing but cowards. It took three of them to bully and harass this one woman protecting her neighborhood.

So much for the #Occuturds allowing freedom of expression for those who disagree with them. If they treat their own this way, imagine how they'd treat those who are on opposite sides of the political spectrum!


Obama supports these #Occupy protesters.

Pelosi blesses them.

@AlecBaldwin thinks its "good".

Below the fold, "The List" updated.

tea party vs occupy unpatriotic.jpg

Posted by: DMartyr at 11:51 AM


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