What Homegrown Terror Problem? NYC Man Sentenced for Trying to join al Qaeda to Kill Americans

Remember, this week's outrage from the Left was over the revelation that some NYC cops monitored some Muslim webpages. No one was actually hurt, arrested, or denied any civil liberties, but apparently the outrage bar is pretty low these days and the status of "victim" is applied when the wrong eyeballs make internet contact with the protected class.

Meanwhile, a real life would be terrorist is sentenced to 27 years for trying to join al Qaeda to kill his fellow Americans. He was born and raised here, the son of Albanian parents.

So, if I understand the scorecard here. Surfing the web for terrorists from the group most likely to produce those terrorists: outrage. Treason: crickets.

Fox News:

A New York City man was sentenced to 27 years in prison Friday for traveling to the Middle East in a failed bid to join al-Qaida and avenge abuse of Muslims by killing American troops.

Kaziu and star witness Sulejah Hadzovic were two U.S.-born sons of Islamic immigrants from the former Yugoslavia who met in sixth grade. By 2008, "they pursued a growing interest in radical Islam" and began searching the Internet for opportunities to take up arms against U.S. troops....

The pair traveled in 2009 to Egypt, where Hadzovic they attended school, sought to obtain AK-47s and considered whether to take up arms in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine or Somalia....

...once on his own, Kaziu tried, but failed, to join al-Qaida groups in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans. He eventually made his way to Kosovo.

On the Albanian coast, he recorded a video that a prosecutor described as "his goodbye, contemplating how he would soon depart for paradise a reward for those who die a martyr," and had bought a plane ticket to Pakistan. But he was captured local authorities before he could make the trip.

I sometimes hear Muslims claim the US is inherently racist. We have our fair share of racists, sadly.

Islam, they claim, is the cure for that racism.

But you ever notice that it's the white guys that have the hardest time joining al Qaeda?

Hypocrisy aint just a river in Egypt.

Posted by: Rusty at 10:53 PM


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