Great News: al Qaeda's #1 Guy in UK to be Released

Forget sending him to Jordan, why not deport him to Yemen or Somalia? Then, send in the drones!

A British court ruled Monday that an extremist cleric described as one of Europe’s leading al-Qaida operatives should be released on bail.

After six years in custody, Abu Qatada could be freed within days for three months under stringent conditions, a judge at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission in London said.

Abu Qatada has been fighting to be released after the European Court of Human Rights ruled last month he should not be deported to face terror charges in Jordan due to concerns that evidence obtained by torture would be used against him.

I don't like torture. I don't condone it. But, you know what? I'm more concerned with human life.

When concerns about torture trump concerns for human life, they you know you are on the quick path to civilization suicide.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:51 PM


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