You Can't Win Darth

The people who brought the GOP losing candidates from Dewey to Dole are at it again.

A very good look at Gingrich vs Romney and the establishment vs the grass roots.

I guess it depends on what you think is good for the next four years. The corporate don't rock the boat model which is Romney. He's the Uncle Owen of politics and he's not about to follow Obi-Wan off on any Damn Fool Crusades™ but if those vaporators aren't up on the south ridge by noon why there'll be heck to pay.

Or you're of the opinion that only a rebel can fix things, that only a Damn Fool Crusade can shake things up enough to depose the established Bureaucrats and corruption and restore the Republic. Now that requires a Skywalker. Someone who acts on instinct and passion. Maybe despite all the best advice he can get. That would be a Gingrich.

Personally I'm all for the Damn Fool Crusade myself. After all Uncle Owen ends up crispy and Luke Skywalker ends up deposing the Emperor and ruling the galaxy.

Posted by: Howie at 02:07 PM


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