In Pakistan it's TREASON to Rat Out Osama bin Laden

Okay, I get the logic here: even if you're spying for a friendly government, it's still spying.

We've prosecuted more than a few people for espionage working for friendly governments. That the government you are spying for has a good relationship with the US is no excuse.

But spying or espionage isn't the same thing as treason. They are both lesser crimes. Treason is the highest crime any one can commit against the state.

In Pakistan it appears that the worst thing you can do is help Osama bin Laden get killed:

Officials with the commission investigating the May 2 Navy SEAL raid that took the life of America's most wanted terrorist in Abbottabad, Pakistan, told Pakistan's The News they've ordered Dr. Shakeel Afridi to face trial for treason and said he will not be turned over to the U.S. Pakistan's prime minister, Yousaf Gilani, also said Sunday Afridi would be tried.
Great, those are some "allies" we got there.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:14 AM


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