Indonesian Christians Complain About Islamist Disruptions
Get Charged With Crimes

If you're a Christian in Indonesia and defend yourself or defy a mob of Islamists chances are the police are going to side with the Islamists.

An embattled Indonesian church at the center of a long-running dispute with Indonesian authorities that has attracted headlines around the world, confirmed on Monday that one of its members has been named a suspect by police for alleged assault.

Bona Sigalingging, spokesman for the GKI Yasmin church in Bogor near Jakarta, told the Jakarta Globe that West Java Police had named Jayadi Damanik a suspect.

The charges relate to an incident in October last year when Bambang Budiyanto, the chief of the Bogor administration’s Public Order Agency (Satpol PP), was allegedly knocked unconscious during a confrontation with worshippers.

That's pretty sweet that the giant walking Islamist rectum Bambang Budiyanto was knocked out cold. He kind of had it coming to him, no?

Well no, not according to the local Muslim authorities..

Bona said that the church had reported Bambang to police for using violence to obstruct a religious ceremony and Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto for obstructing a religious service.

“Out of all of our reports to the police, West Java Police only followed up on one case,” Bona said, referring to the charges laid against Jayadi.

The incident is not the first case of Muslims who hold positions of authority treating Christians as second class citizens.
The GKI Yasmin church has been illegally sealed off by the Bogor city administration on the pretext that congregation leaders doctored a petition needed to obtain a building permit.

The church has been offered a new location and compensation, but so far it has refused to move.

Since 2008, the congregation has been forced to hold Sunday services on the sidewalk outside the church or in the homes of parishioners, in the face of continued protests and intimidation by Islamic hard-line groups.

Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto has come under criticism for ignoring a 2010 Supreme Court order to lift a ban he placed on the church in 2008. He has insisted there were indications that the congregation falsified local residents’ signatures of support for the construction of the church.

Bona said the dispute is no longer a local matter, given the mayor’s defiance of the rule of law.

“In fact, [Diani] has let radical intolerant groups intimidate the congregation repeatedly, with increasing intensity,” Bona said.

Of course I'm sure the Muslims disagree with Bona's uppity assumption that Christians be treated equally and fairly, after all Islam clearly states that they are not.

Hat Tip: 1389.

Posted by: Howie at 10:36 AM


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