Confirmed: Government Employess Do Make More Than You

And by you I meant you, not me. For it turns out that people working for the federal government with high school and college degrees do, in fact, make more than those with similar educations in the private sector.

But those of us with advanced degrees? Not so much:

The CBO found that the advantage federal workers enjoy varies by educational level. For those with only a high-school degree, workers earned 21 percent more and were given benefits worth 72 percent more than in the private sector.

For college graduates, wages were about the same but benefits were 46 percent better in the government.

Meanwhile for advanced degree holders, wages were 23 percent less than in the private sector and benefits were about the same.

Clearly I need to get into the private sector!

Why would those with the least amount of education make so much more working for the federal government? It's the perfect confluence of the Democratic parties constituencies: those dependent on labor unions and those dependent on government.

Posted by: Rusty at 05:07 PM


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