Emerson "Jawa Called Me a Fag" Begolly Sentencing Postponed

Emerson Begolly (aka Goatly, aka Goat Lee, aka Mashoom's Mustache Excites Me, aka Jawa Called me a Fag) has had his sentencing for his terrorism conviction moved from today until May 9th. There was no reason given as to why the sentencing was moved, but evidence gathered from the Begolly case was also used to indict Mohammad Hassan Khalid who's trial has not yet started.

You might remember the online chat sessions between Begolly & Khalid included in the federal complaint in which the pair chat about me making some off color remarks simply because Begolly claimed mustaches physically turned him on.

Because nothing says heterosexual more than commenting on wood inspiring facial hair!

Khalid, for what it's worth, responded by talking about my mother and calling me a fag.

Khalid has been indicted for his part in the Colleen "Jihad Jane" LaRose plot.

Given the timing, it's a possibility that Begolly has turned states evidence against Khalid. Cooperation in the prosecution of Khalid or others involved in the Jihad Jane case might be used to mitigate Begolly's sentence.

But given that Begolly was well known and active in online extremist circles, it's also possible that he's ratting out other would-be terrorists who have yet to be arrested.

Note to jihadi friends of Begolly: Run Forrest, run!

Posted by: Rusty at 04:27 PM


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