Hope & Change

A lot of people are concerned about the next election and whether Obama can be defeated. I'm concerned too. But then, I'm an eternal pessimist. I hope for the best, yet there's always a nagging doubt.

Just think about this: How many people do you know who voted for McCain and now say, "You know what? Obama turned out to be a good President. I think I'll change my vote next time and vote for him."?

I don't know any. Not even one.

Now, how many people do you know who voted for Obama and, realizing the mistake he was for America, plan to vote against him in the next election?

I know quite a few.

Sure, there are always the die-hard supporters who are going to support Obama no matter what. But there are not very many who have changed their mind in favor of Obama.

The pessimist I am, I still have difficulty seeing Obama win again.

In this video, a few Obama-generation college students give their opinion. It's worth a watch.

Posted by: DMartyr at 07:23 AM


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