Why the "Insiders" Might Know Something About Newt the Rest of Us Awed by His Speaking Ability Might Not

Remember I told you that the interview with one of Newt's ex-wives on ABC had pushed me out of the Gingrich camp? That I thought that the truth might not be that Newt had asked for an "open marriage", but that it was plausible for an egotistic and ambitious politician to ask his wife not to divorce him because it would hurt his political career. And that how asking to stay married, to keep up appearances, but yet saying that no, he will not stop sleeping with his mistress, could reasonably be interpreted by a hurt spouse as something akin to asking for an "open marriage".

Ummm, I'm thinking that I was pretty close with that:

Tonight, after persistent questioning by our staff, the Gingrich campaign concedes now Speaker Gingrich was wrong — both in his debate answer, and in our interview yesterday,” King said on tonight’s edition of John King USA. “Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond says the only people the Gingrich campaign offered to ABC were his two daughters from his first marriage.”
So, there you have it.

And Gingrich's answer, that he had witnesses who could vouch that he didn't want an "open marriage", um, how exactly does that work?

If I understand the accusation, there were two people involved in the conversation. How can a witness back up either side of the story? At best this is a he said/she said kind of deal. There's no way of proving either version of it.

And, yes, it was a stupid question to ask at the debates. And I love Gingrich's response to John King's stupid question.

But let's face it: this is the treatment Republicans are going to get.

There's no way to change that. No amount of complaining about the media will make them more even handed in their treatment of candidates.

Which is why Gingrich's personal life is such a disaster. Did you know the guy's first wife was his .... get this ... high school math teacher?

Sure, Mr. E. Blogger, Vinnie, Ronin, Howie, and me are much more likely to vote for a guy who we know was porking one of his teachers. We don't get tens of thousands of hits each month for people searching for "hot teachers student sex scandal" because we don't get it.

But we're not you're typical independent voter. For most people, bangin' your high school math teacher and then leaving her for a younger and more attractive spouse, only to leave her for yet another younger and more attractive spouse isn't considered a bonus on your resume.

I know Gingrich doesn't want to talk about this. I don't want to talk about it.

But you know what? It's going to be talked about.

In fact, as un-newsworthy as this is it's still more newsworthy than the near hour by hour polling updates that we are constantly bombarded with.

People, the personal lives of the candidates do tell us something about their character. I know in the post-Clinton era we have been led to believe that it doesn't, but consider this: the "popular" and "likable" Bill Clinton never managed to muster enough support to get a majority of the vote.

I'm not saying that personal attributes are the most important variable in determining the outcome of an election. But they are a variable which could, in a very close race, mean the difference between winning and losing.

Personally I'm not all excited about another four years of Barrack Obama, crusader for "fairness".

If Newt is our nominee, of course I'll support him. But at this point, I'd really like voters in the next few primaries to reconsider the "winnibility" factor and to remember that on most major issues all three of the real candidates (sorry Paultards, the guy isn't really running for President) basically agree.

I know you're wondering why all the sudden angst over Newt, Rusty? It's because I fear that America as we know it cannot stand another four years and another 7 trillion dollars in debt that the first four years of Obama gave us.

Remember when the national debt was a measly $9.3 trillion, way back three years ago at the end of the George W. Bush administration rather than the $15.3 trillion in debt we are now in three quarters of the way through one term of Obama?

Yeah, good times. Good times.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:14 PM


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