Sudden Jihad Syndrome

ďMuslims donít come close or you will be killed.Ē

This was reportedly what the gunman shouted during his killing rampage.

The Afghan soldier who gunned down nine Americans in a shooting rampage at a military compound in Kabul last April targeted and killed his U.S. mentors after they took away his wings and cut his salary nearly in half because he was unable to learn English, a longtime colleague of the killer has told [...]

A U.S. Air Force Special Investigation report on the attack that was released last week concluded that Gul, 46, acted alone, and it found no evidence that the attack was connected to the Taliban or insurgents. It noted reports of Gulís mental and financial problems, but it did not mention Gulís failure to learn English as a possible motive.

The report also failed to mention any ideological motivation.

Just another lone, mentally ill, frustrated victim.

Posted by: DMartyr at 02:56 PM


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