Gingrich: Wrong on the Surge

Here's Newt on President Bush's adoption of Gen. Patraeus's surge strategy in Iraq:

Bush was opposed by many of the top generals, by some Republican leaders who feared the surge would hurt in the 2008 elections, and of course by a slew of Democrats and media commentators. Here again Gingrich provided no support for his party’s embattled president, testifying as a private citizen in 2007 that the strategy was “inadequate,” contained “breathtaking” gaps, lacked “synergism” (whatever that means), and was “very disappointing.” What did Gingrich propose? Among other things, a 50 percent increase in the budget of the State Department.
Newt, like most of the talking heads in Washington, thought the surge would be a colossal failure. He was wrong.

Abrams point in this article -- in which he also points out that Newt opposed many of Reagan's Cold War policies -- is that Newt is not the visionary that he seems to think himself.

To give Newt his due, I also had serious reservations about the surge. The strategy was brilliant and should be remembered as one of the bravest political acts in US history. I, like Newt, was wrong.

The difference between the two of us? I'm not running for President.

I don't think being wrong disqualifies him from being President, but his misremembering of history -- in which in his own mind he seems to think he was not only front and center in all of the major battles of the last quarter of a century but also on the right side of those battles -- causes me more than a bit of trepidation over his candidacy.

Posted by: Rusty at 05:17 PM


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