Confirmed: Obama More Concerned About Reelection than Winning in Afghanistan
(And Why Newt is Starting to Remind me of Obama)

Via Hot Air, the "agenda free" Washington Post thinks the takeaway from this story is that Gen. Patraeus is such a gosh darn good trooper. Hey, look, he disagreed with the President's surge drawdawn in Afghanistan and here he is now serving as head of CIA. Why can't we all just get along and OBEY The One?

Or, at least, that's how I see the excerpts from Broadwell and Loeb's new book printed in WaPo about the man who won the second phase of the Iraq war.

But look closer at what's going on here. This isn't the story of David Patraeus sucking up his pride and obeying his boss.

No, this is the story about a boss who's more interested in reelection than he is in winning a war.

Patraeus argued that drawing down troops before the end of 2012 would forfeit the gains made in the Afghanistan surge.

But Obama didn't care. There is no military reason -- none, zero, zilch -- why troops need to come home this summer and not in November, when Patraeus argued was the natural end to the Afghan "fighting season".

There's only one reason Obama wants those troops home, so he can win reelection.

He doesn't care one damn bit about the lives of the men sacrificed in the surge. He cares only about his reelection.

The man does not care about victory, he cares only about himself.

Oh, sure, he thinks that by winning reelection he's saving America. He is, after all, the savior. Therefore the sacrifices of the troops are really not about him, but about America.

They died so that America may have life. He is but the intermediary. As Obama fares, so fares America.

They did not die for him, but for America. For, you see, he is America made incarnate.

The man has to go. We cannot take four more years of this egomaniac in office.

There is no other explanation. None. I'd love to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the facts outweigh any other plausible explanation.

In fact, any other counter narrative is even worse. For at least Obama the egomaniac believes his victory is America's victory.

Over the past month I've argued that Newt was my guy. To be honest, I'm not so sure anymore. My doubts first came when he started attacking Romney for being a successful businessman. Wait, was this the old Newt of the GOPAC days or was this some #OWS protester?

But this business with his second wife and their ugly divorce, you know what? It sounds plausible to me.

Remember that first week after the third round of Hermann Cain accusations and how so many on the right rallied around him and decried the unfair media for attacking a successful conservative black man? Oh how we hated the media for attacking him.

And then, one day, we woke up and realized that Cain was probably guilty of the accusations. That regardless of the media attack on him, he probably was the cad he was alleged to be.

And now I have that same fear of Newt Gingrich. That maybe it's not just all media hype, maybe he is the egomaniac that many around him accuse him of being. That he actually thought enough of himself that he could have a wife and a mistress.

And if that's true, then God help me but we don't need that kind of an egomaniac in office either.

Any one who thinks they're so awesome that they should be President is someone with an inflated sense of self worth.

But just because all Presidential candidates are egoist doesn't make them all egomaniacs.

Clearly, Obama is an egomaniac. He's more interested in his own reelection than the lives of our troops.

But, how does Gingrich's ego compare? I don't know, but some of his ex-wife's accusations seem plausible to me.

Not that he asked her for an "open marriage", as she characterizes the conversation. But that no, he wasn't going to stop sleeping with his mistress but he didn't want her to divorce him because that would hurt his political career.

You can characterize that as an "open marriage", but he's not asking to be a swinger as the phrase implies.

Yeah, I think that about nails how I see things.

He thinks he's so important to America that he didn't want a second divorce to ruin his chances or America's prospect for a bright and glorious future.

That, my friends, is the very essence of egomania. Someone who thinks they're so important that the normal rules don't apply to them, and who's personality is so great that they personally will save the world.

Kind of like someone else we know. Someone who's Presidency is so important that his reelection comes before anything else, even the very lives of the troops.

I know that President Obama is that bad. I'm beginning to fear the same thing about Newt.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope that Newt has finally found religion. This is, what, his third religion he's embraced as an adult?

It's almost as if a pattern is emerging here ....

I'm not saying people can't change, they can. I have a very close relative who found religion late in life. He was a different person at 70 than he was at 30. But there were years and years intervening in which trust was rebuilt between himself and the ones he hurt.

The thing is, Newt only got remarried in 2000. I've been married longer than Newt.

The other day they were talking about him on the news and I had to turn it off.

My 12 year old daughter had walked in the room and I didn't want to have to explain to her what exactly an "open marriage" was.

People, that is not a good sign. Is it possible that I, and others, have let Newt's debating skills get to us? That we were ready to conveniently forget all the baggage that Newt brings with him because he is the most articulate in attacking our political foes?

That baggage -- that arrogance -- is tied to Newt's sense of his own greatness. That he wants to insert himself into history on the coattails of his heroes Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

Yeah, I think that's it.

I know why I'm no longer in the tank for Newt Gingrich. He reminds me too much of Barrack Obama.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:54 PM


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