Churches Give Refuge To #Occupy Protesters; Protesters Repay By Stealing Items And Peeing On Cross

New York churches offered shelter to #Occupy protesters, who repaid the kindness by stealing church items and pi$$ing on crosses (emphasis mine):

In Brooklyn, at another church housing OWS protesters, an occupier urinated on a cross, according to Rabbi Chaim Gruber, who has angrily abandoned the OWS movement. [...]

At West Park, Rev. Brashear walked into the church for a morning service to find the 18-inch-diameter bronze basin and lid missing from the baptismal font’s 800-pound base. Holy water — straight from the River Jordan — had been poured from the missing basin insert into the base’s bowl. (Source)

I'm not surprised by this news. And the churches shouldn't be surprised. #Occutards have no respect for anything.

Obama supports the #Occupy protesters.

Pelosi blesses them.

@AlecBaldwin thinks they're "good".

Below the fold, the list.

tea party vs occupy unpatriotic.jpg

Posted by: DMartyr at 09:40 PM


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