Newt Set To Win SC Primary

By attacking the media and Obama, Newt is speaking for the average Conservative voter. If he keeps up this line of attack, instead of dividing Conservatives by focusing on other GOP candidates, he may win the nomination.

I know not everyone wants Newt to win. I can't say who'll hold up better against Obama. I think Newt or Mitt can win against Obama. But out of the GOP field, I think Newt is the best choice for America.

Newt Gingrich stormed toward an upset over Mitt Romney Saturday night in the South Carolina primary.

That's according to exit polls, which showed the former House speaker ahead of the former Massachusetts governor overall. Gingrich was leading by a wide margin among the state's conservatives, tea party supporters and born-again Christians. (Source)

Update: AP link above doesn't seem to be working now, so HERE is an updated link.

Posted by: DMartyr at 07:22 PM


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