Church Bomber "Escapes" in Nigeria

Banana Republic doesn't describe the mess that is modern Nigeria with any amount of justice:

Nigerian police officials disclosed Wednesday that the suspected mastermind of the Christmas Day attacks - which claimed 38 lives - had escaped from police custody, it promptly sparked suspicions across Africa’s most populous nation.

Kabiru Sokoto, the man suspected of planning the Christmas Day bombing at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, escaped while he was being transferred just outside the Nigerian capital of Abuja.

In a statement, a Nigerian federal police spokesman said police officers escorting Sokoto were attacked by suspected gang members, who broke the high-profile suspect free....

The news of Sokoto’s escape on Wednesday further fuelled those suspicions. “It is possible that he [Sokoto] was deliberately allowed to escape so he doesn’t make disclosures about the possible involvement of members of the security services and the police,” said Sani.

The national government conceded sharia law to Muslims in the North. This was supposed to appease the "moderate" Islamists enough to keep the country from sliding into civil war. It didn't work.

Posted by: Rusty at 12:04 PM


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