Taliban Admits Murdering Journalist
Marine Urination 50 million times more newsorthy than Taliban Murder

Let's compare, shall we?

While the world and our media elites obsess over a video showing a Marine urinating on a dead man's body, the Taliban have openly admitted to murdering Mukarram Khan Atif, a Pakistani journalist.



Which is worse?

The murder of the Pakistani journalist by the Taliban returns (at this writing) 109 Google news stories.

Taliban +urinating returns 52 million Google news stories. I had to double check that, but it's accurate.


We're rightly embarrassed when a few Marines cross a line and piss on some dead terrorist. It's an embarrassment, nothing more.

But the Taliban? They're proud when they murder.

The world yawns and equivocates us with them.

The world has lost its collective mind.

Posted by: Rusty at 04:03 PM


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