Obama Kills Keystone XL

Its clear Obama hates America. He hates the little guy who is fueling his car trying to get to work. American's have done all they can. We've increased fleet efficiency more than any other country. We've scrimped, saved and conserved. And just about the time we are making a difference we get f*cked again.

This November this man has to go.

And what bugs me the most about it is that Obama is the least visible President I can remember. Yeah you hear about this or that, but you never see the man interacting daily with the press or the people. He likes to govern from behind closed doors and delegate in between teleprompter speeches and campaign fundraising.

Which shows an opening. Obama can't engage with the press and public very well outside of a campaign. A candidate that can draw press and interact on a daily basis over the long term can steal the bully pulpit right out from under Obama's nose.

I'm not sure Romney has that. But Gingrich might. The press hates him so much they'll hunt him all the way to hell and back. He could use this to engage on a daily basis for the long run. He's done it before. He's been there.

But whatever happens Obama has to go and your vote in congress has to count this time. Otherwise we'll all be sitting in the poor house with another four years of this crap. You can only hang on so long with the president jumping up and down on your fingers telling you, "Its not that far down."

Posted by: Howie at 01:36 PM


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