American CyberJihadi Killed in Pakistan

Why I'll be darned, the Pakistanis are good for something!

AP: Moeed Abdul Salam didn't descend into radical Islam for lack of other options. He grew up in a well-off Texas household, attended a pricey boarding school and graduated from one of the state's most respected universities.


But the most unlikely thing about his recruitment was his family: Two generations had spent years promoting interfaith harmony and combatting Muslim stereotypes in their hometown and even on national television.

Salam rejected his relatives' moderate faith and comfortable life, choosing instead a path that led him to work for al-Qaida. His odyssey ended late last year in a middle-of-the-night explosion in Pakistan. The 37-year-old father of four was dead after paramilitary troops stormed his apartment.

The details of the GIMF (Global Islamic Media Front) press release say he got his start as a member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad Group and joined al-Qaeda right after 9/11.

It also stresses the importance that al-Qaeda places on internet propaganda and communications.

He established diffuse Jihadi media groups and trained his brothers who followed the path of the Jihadi media. He administrated many websites and Jihadi forums, and he guided and planned and attacked the enemy masterfully. He led the Jihadi forums and websites of splendor, attacking the strongholds of arrogance and infidelity, weakening the determination of its troops, and sabotaging their great media plans”
Now is the time at Jawa Report when we dance.

In addition, it's nice that he was killed in Pakistan. It saves listening to all that bullshit crap about targeting and killing al-Qaeda members who also happen to be US citizens.

Posted by: Howie at 08:45 AM


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